Join My Rap Collective

I’m now recruiting for new rappers, producers, and designers to join a rap collective I’m starting. If you want to be in it, email:

[email protected]

Send me 2 or 3 of your best songs or art and I’ll listen to them. If I like them I’ll email you back and get you initiated and shit.

This is what will happen in it.

I have two goals for you when you join:

1. To make you a better rapper/producer (if you want.)
2. To promote your music.

If I respond to your email, it’s because I have genuinely enjoyed your music. So I am going to help you become as big as possible. To do that, we’ll use all of the resources at my disposal. On my end, that includes:

1. A facebook group of The Composer’s Corner that has 460 likes.
2. My twitter account that has about 200 follows.
3. My blog, which itself gets about 300 views today and has 111,000 views in its history.
4. My YouTube account, which gets about 100 views a day.
5. My internship at the blog HipHopDX.

6. The book I’m writing on rap analysis that I’m going to publish.

We’ll get you up on bandcamp, soundcloud, RapGenius, all that shit.

So email me if you want and I’ll explain it more.


  1. Hey Mr.connor,i wish i could join.this is a good stuff but i new in the game trying to start,op u know what i mean.Request to be my mentor.Pliiiiiz,Martin

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