R.ichard Oasis, “My Degree” *5-Alarm Chili*

R.ichard Oasis with the words, Audio Games on the beat.

Sometimes I find myself laughing at the crazy shit rappers come out
with, and I had a smile on my face 30 seconds into this song. It’s like an Earl
Sweatshirt mixed with Kendrick flow. Really reminds me of Kendrick’s
“Rigamortis”, where he’s always rapping 16th notes, but here Oasis is constantly
changing where the rhyme and accent falls relative to the beat, which
makes it a lot more interesting than Drake’s constant end rhymes. Then,
like Earl, they aren’t really ever exact rhymes he’s using, they are
always just repetition of vowel sounds. Makes it sound obtuse, which is a
good thing. Then, the different rhyme groups (which is what I call all
rhymes on the same vowel sound, like cat and bat would be a rhyme group,
while walk and talk would be a different one), are all intertwined with
each other, like Eminem’s form of rhyme linking (how an emcee moves
from one rhyme group to the next) on ‘Lose Yourself”, like I talk about here.
Then, R.ichard Oasis extends the rhymes and sentence to never line up with
the bar line, making it usually more than 1 bar but less than 2. That’s
someone I think of like Andre 3k or MF DOOM doing. Damn, Kendrick…Earl
Sweatshirt…Eminem…MF DOOM…Andre 3k…kid’s in some good
company!!! And even though there’s not much pacing to his rhymes – a
variety of how complex his rhymes are and how many rhymes the rapper is
dropping – the flow is so good, so deep, so re-listenable, I don’t think
it matters.

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