An Aspiring Rapper’s/Producer’s Guide To My Articles

Not very many of my articles are directly addressed to rappers or producers who are trying to get better at their craft. However, rappers or producers can still learn a lot by reading them. Below is a guide to which articles can improve you in the specific areas that are listed below:

Rapper’s Skills:

Pacing In Rap:

-Mos Def, Article 1

-2pac Article

-Talib Kweli Article

How To Craft A Flow:

-Notorious B.I.G. Article

-Big Sean Article

-Kendrick Lamar Article

How To Make Your Flow Better:

-Jean Grae Interview

-Talib Kweli Interview

-The Rap Voice As An Instrument Article

-How To Have Better Delivery

New, Complex Rhythms To Use:

-Busta Rhymes Article

-Big Boi Article

-MF DOOM Article

-Talib Kweli Article

-Kendrick Lamar Article

-Nas Article

Complex Rhyming Techniques

-Jean Grae Article

-Eminem “Lose Yourself” Article

-Eminem “Business” Article

-MF DOOM Article

-Mos Def, Article 2

Wordplay & Puns

-Pharoahe Monch Article

Producer’s Skills:

Balancing Different Musical Ideas In The Beat/Making Your Beat Deeper

-Dr. Dre’s Proportions On His “Oh!” Beat

-Dr. Dre’s Orchestration Article

Song Structure

-Kanye West Song Structure Article

How To Make Your Beats Sound More Interesting:

-Dr. Dre’s Orchestration Article

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