Featured Group: Noodle

The Composer’s Corner first ever featured rap group is…Off_his Noodle, AKA Adam O’Brien. Adam is a true student and devotee of his craft: while I was trying to teach him some concepts of good flow like you might find in my analyses, he was giving me his own perspective as a rapper:

“A side from being an MC I am also a screenwriter and its helped me
tremendously in honing my craft as an MC. I rarely ever suffer from
writer’s block and there are a lot of elements that crossover from
screenwriting to rapping. In fact, Eminem really took the time to hone
his screenwriting abilities whether he was conscious of it or not, his
story through the Slim Shady LP all the way up to Recovery is as
carefully crafted of a story as you can get. Stan is a movie within
itself, I believe story telling, character, and substance are few of the
most important aspects when it comes to distinguishing someone as a
great MC aside from the Musical stand point. Obviously if the music
ain’t there and you sound like garbage, no one is gonna want to get into
your story, and there are artists who have proved that you don’t really
need the story/substance element to make it (Wocka Flocka, Lil B,
Soulja Boy, Mike Jones) but as far as longevity is concerned I believe
you can’t keep spitting about nothing and expect to be around as long as
Em, Jay, or Nas.”

With that, his most recent project is as follows. Even if you’re not here for music, you might find the video funny as hell. The posse sing-along chorus doesn’t happen enough in rap, even though it always comes off well: Scenario, Bring da Ruckus, etc., etc…

Too_D ft. Noodle: Die Happy 

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