“#Indecisive” is the newest single from Chicago rapper R.ichard Oasis, who also brings his unique approach to the video. From my own rap music analysis standpoint, I immediately listen for the huge number of rhymes that he drops to start this song off. He drops a lot of short, one-syllable rhymes in a short amount of time. However, he does it inside of a sentence structure that is very loose, with lots of either very long or very short sentences. This herky-jerky approach is supported by his verbal content as well, with a story or narrative that is all over the place. A lot of rappers have similar flows, or sound like someone else, but I genuinely can’t think of another rapper who flows like this. And if that video is what he’s capable of without a label, just imagine what he could do with it…

Erick Sermon made the beat, and the video was produced and edited by Hotep Slowsteps,  If you dig this, check out more of Rich’s stuff at his Soundcloud here, or follow him on Twitter here.

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